Last seen Today at 7:02am, it’s now 7:53am should I call or text her? It’s too early to call her obviously, but she might be busy in the afternoon and I can’t call her in the evening, she doesn’t like it! Girls can be so complicated. Is it proper to use her WhatsApp or her email?

Hey Ruru, hope you’re well today. I… Deletes.

It’s too plain and I think I should just email her and what’sHey Ruru? Dude be serious. I should just say how I feel and not make it weird, I should first take a walk and come back and just text my heart out. Throws phone on the bed and walks out.

A few minutes later.

This isn’t what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be easy. I think I’m afraid to text her because I don’t know how she will react and what if this messes our friendship of 7 months? I won’t be meeting her anytime soon, but I guess a man gotta do what he has to do…Grabs phone and starts texting.


Good morning Runyararo, I hope you are doing well. I really wanted to call you, but I guess I don’t have the guts to do so, well, this is so because I have a lot to say to you. I have waited for 3 months to do this, but I feel this lockdown won’t end anytime soon.

I’m not going to allow myself to be a victim of circumlocution and waste your time so I’m just going to be blunt as to what my intentions are in this mail. Ruru I really like you, I realised this a few months ago that I want to be more than a friend to you. I want this friendship that we have to become something more important for the both of us.

Remember that day after work when you and your friends had planned to go to Michael Chiunda’s poetry session and all your girls bailed on you and we ended up going together? That was the day I actually fell in love with you. I remember very well the way you were just smiling and laughing throughout the poetry session, that day I realised that I wanted to be part of all that you do and more.

Honestly Ruru, I haven’t been myself these last couple of months, you are all that I think of before bed and when I wake up, before and after work and whenever I’m home. I remember the day you visited me when I wasn’t feeling well, you cooked and cleaned for me, I really appreciate that but I’d like to be with you even in my healthy state too.

I know you might be thinking ‘Why now?’, I’m thinking the same too, it’s not easy for me as well because I have my own personal fears as to how you will react to this, will I loose my friend and all, but Runyararo I couldn’t keep it in, I just couldn’t. I need you in my life for a better direction in every step of the way, I need to love you, to hold you, take care of you, make nations with you and grow old with you.

You are all that I have ever wanted in a woman, you possess qualities of a real woman I can crush all day everyday, you inspire me to be a better man Runyararo I want to be a better man with you by my side. I want to learn all about life with you, explore the world and continue to find my purpose with you right by my side.

To be very honest I love you and how you just challenge me, I remember you telling me that most guys are intimidated by how you handle things when you are doing your work, not me Runyararo, I love how you just do your things, you inspire me honestly, you are the reason I decided to start my own business and I’d really love you to be part of this journey that you inspired because in all honesty you are the real reason behind my success and I am so proud to say it.

You are an amazing soul, you taught me how to live in the right way that pleases God and I was so stupid to not recognise this earlier! I’d love to continue serving God with you Ruru, I want this so bad. You are all that I’ve asked God for because you are just an amazing soul. I appreciate you so much and I will be damned if I loose you Ruru. I’m just being honest. If I get a chance to meet you after this lockdown I’m definitely going to say this over and over again Runyararo and I hope you will consider what my heart is feeling for you.

I hope you are having a great day, please do read this word for word because I mean it. I hope to hear from you soon.

With love



United We Stand!!


a desire to return in thought or in fact a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happening of a former place or time.

I miss my homeland

A land of equality among all people,

Where hunger is fed, needs are met and everyone is satisfied.

A land where the relationship between a father and his children is a real relationship and not a bait.

Where the father listens and saves his hurting and suffering children.

A land where ‘unemployment rate’ is just a phrase and not an experience.

Where skilled labourers are given sufficient salaries, salaries that are enough.

A land where daily commodities are affordable and not higher than the salaries.

A land where citizens can express themselves without fear, because there is justice.

Where citizens can make a strong objection without the fear of being;



Or worse even worse,


All I know is the land is here, and the people’s bare feet maul the dry earth till freedom come.

Independence Song by Chenjerai Hove From his book: Red Hills of Home (1985)


Pics credit: Gerald Mhuri.

Happy New Month guys. I hope you are all well and safe. Today I want to share with you a little story about my skin reaction which I later found out that it was eczema. Well… Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

It was 6 years ago, my cousin was getting married and I was so excited about it. The morning of wedding we had noone to do our make up so one of the bridesmaids offered to do our make up. She used the same sponge on everyone. I remember she applied lots and lots of stuff on my face and I remember scratching the entire day because of the make up. When the day was done I remember having heat like rashes on my nose and forehead.

Honestly speaking, I had never used make up until then. I was just a water, soap and vaseline girl, I remember when I was an A level student, when most of my mates had eye shadows and face powder, all I had was a tiny book (a journal in which I wrote all my daily activities). Weeks after the wedding scratchy party, I had light brown patches all over my face, and they were so painful.

I remember my first visit to the pharmacy and I was told that I shouldn’t eat fish, pork and anything that contained eggs. I once had a reaction at my butt when I was in primary school after eating fish and was told by the doctor to never eat fish again. Adjusting was hard, I loved and still love boiled eggs, I remember back then I could eat 5 at once. I was told to buy a cream (Ketaconazole cream) to apply on the affected areas on my face, I remember applying it for the first time, it left my skin so dry and reddish and painful.

The creams I used.

After a few months in, I realised that there was no change on my skin so I decided to go to another pharmacy and I was given another cream (Betamethasone cream) which didn’t work. A year later when I visited my uncle in Malawi it got really worse, there were patches on my scalp (I was advised to cut my hair). My uncle took me to see a doctor who told me that I might have a Fungal infection(which they told me that it might be linked to my liver), so I was given some pills and a cream. I remember not taking the pills because I felt it wasn’t about my liver so I just started to apply the cream alone, which obviously didn’t work.

I ended up being comfortable with how my face looked honestly until one time I went to church and one lady told me that I looked disgusting (face yako irikusemesa). I was hurt and hated church because I felt that it was a place where you weren’t supposed to be judged by your looks. I remember going to church with a hat and avoiding people after every service so that they don’t see my face.

When I went to Cyprus in 2017, it got really worse again, because of the weather and the food and honestly at that time I didnt know what made me react and what didn’t. A friend of mine told me that maybe I was lactose intolerant. That time I believed what people would tell me, because I was tired of being told different ‘stories’ on what to eat and what not to eat to avoid the flare ups.

Photo credit: Gerald Mhuri (2018)

I met people who helped me gain my self confidence( hey Rejoice),there were times I felt so ugly and would avoid going out nomatter what. I remember one Nigerian lady telling me that I should apply some foundation on my face because no guy would want to go out with a girl like me. Rude comments, the stares really hurt me I wouldn’t lie but my friend Rejoice kept on telling me that I was beautiful and people liked my smile more than anything and that my smile was the only thing they saw. I know she was lying to make me feel better and it worked.

I started to avoid using other creams other than Vaseline, my skin would be dry from applying only creams so I would add vaseline ontop and my face would be shiny like a new school golden bell and I didn’t care. I had guys who would ask for my number and want to go out with me and think, with all the patches on my ID I still get to be asked out?? Sis!! I was happy and my confidence boosted a lot. I remember one guy told me that he loved my personality more than anything(because he saw beyond the eczema, which was the opposite of what the Nigerian lady had told me)

Fast forward to 2020 I decided to try a new cream, the one my mother used on me when I was little. I’m now using Aqueous Cream and it has lessened my eczema flare ups so much. My skin isn’t dry any more. I also try to avoid eating things that may trigger the flare ups as well, by all means necessary. I eat eggs now, like a lot but not all the time. It took me six good years to realise that Aqueous Cream was the best solution for my skin.


1. When you have eczema always use warm water to wash your face.

2. Never rub your face hardly with a towel.

3. Always wash your face in the morning with warm water and apply lotion so that it stays hydrated(I’m still struggling with this myself)

4. Always know, eczema or no eczema, you are always beautiful.

5. Find a cream that works well with your skin and stick to it, avoid using multiple creams.

6. Avoid eating food that may trigger your eczema flare ups (I cannot stop, sometimes I eat, sometimes I don’t)

7. Of course you will get stares, people like to admire beautiful people.

8. Have a hormonal balance, it may also affect your skin. (I read about this).

9. Be confident, flare ups are just visitors, they will be long gone before you know it.

10. If you don’t have eczema PLEASE be nice to those who have it, trust me they need all the kindness they can get to get through the day!

My flare ups have reduced.


Today a lot of women on my WhatsApp contact list and Instagram Timeline had Black and White filtered photos of them with the caption #challengeaccpeted. A friend of mine had sent me the challenge the day before and I too had participated and honestly speaking I didn’t think to look for much details as to what the challenge was all about. Today I saw that a lot of women were doing the challenge and it was more like a trend and for I being a curious being, I quickly rushed to the Internet to look for some facts behind this and I got to know more about the challenge.

Having the facts at hand, I decided to ask a few women who had posted their #challengeaccpeted photographs whether they knew what it was all about. In all honesty I was lowkey disappointed, in myself and for those ladies as well. A lot of women are thinking this is just a challenge whereby you find that one sexy, beautiful selfie that came out really well and you black and white filter it and post, and after that you tag the next person and the trend goes on.

A friend of mine posted this on his WhatsApp status and then later asked me what the challenge was all about.


Let me school you a little bit (wink wink): Did you know that in 2016, the same challenge with the black and white filter became a trend as a way of spreading breast cancer awareness? According to some women, this challenge is being done to spread positivity and love among other women.

A lot of women have died due to Gender Based Violence, this challenge is way of raising our voices and standing as one to end GBV against women and young children. So women are standing as one remembering the women we’ve lost along the way in the journey of life due to GBV.


With that being said, in my own opinion, I think this campaign would have been so much better if we were to post the women we support or women who inspire us, or those we lost along the way, because looking at this, personally I feel that (for some ladies), it’s just a way of posting a hot selfie for no reason.

This also has shown me that before doing any trendy challenge, I ought to research understand what it’s all about so that I can be able to participate freely, if I decide to.

I think it’s really important to research and understand what the challenge is all about rather than being ignorant about it whilst taking part in it. This is is important because the real motive of the campaign can make sense and inspire the next person to do so.


“…. at one point the phrase, ‘This is a man’s world’, used to scare me so much, this was so because I felt that I didn’t have any share in the man’s space. I was comparing myself to other men I deemed successful and I felt worthless. I’m just being honest because a friend once told me that a real man isn’t afraid to show genuine feelings.

The burden of social expectations made me loose myself a bit, after completing my college years and in a bid to stand by my own without the support of my family I quickly moved out of my parent’s house as soon as I found a job. I began to stay on my own and it was tough because sometimes I would to sleep without eating because I had to save my transportation allowance. A few months in I got retrenched without any payment whatsoever. I had no job, no money, and I was drowning in debt and I couldn’t tell anyone about this because I felt I was going to burden them. Economically challenged.

I couldn’t tell my family about my hardships because I felt it wasn’t the right thing to do because my parents were so expectant. My father always told me that I was to lead by example because I was the only male child in my family. I pretended I had it all together in front of my friends because I didn’t want to be labelled a failure and by that time all my friends had good paying jobs and were doing well. Slowly I slipped into depression and had noone to share my feelings with, until I met a good friend of mine who made me realise that I wasn’t doing well. Emotionally scared.

After a few months of staying at my new friend’s place, and going to counselling sessions, I got to realise that I was hurting myself and was bowing down to the norms of the society that I could not carry anymore. Before being a male figure, I am a human who faces challenges as well. I went back to my parent’s house and I was honest with them. It was hard for my father because he thought I wasn’t trying hard enough to be the perfect example for my siblings and I remember very well he at once labelled me a failure and a disgrace to the male society. It took my father months, even when I had decided to do my own food and catering business (which he thought was a feminine job), to realise that I was just a man trying to survive and needed family support. My father realised that he was pushing me away by trying to craft me into a man I wasn’t. I’m glad we forgave each other and he has been a great pillar of support ever since.

A lot of men are suffering from trying to reach the expectations of the society, and some end up loosing themselves to depression, drugs and alcohol. In all honesty life is hard and that’s a fact, and everyone is trying. Parents play a role in our lives, one day I will be a parent, my wish is to end this ‘patriarchal way of thinking’ in our society. We honestly don’t need this because it destroys men and looks down upon women.

I wish and hope that one day we break all these societal expectations on how a man should be for him to be called a man. I am survivor of mental health and wouldn’t want any person to fall in the same path I did…..”

Reach Out Campaign: Kevin Tamirepi’s Interview

Kevin Tamirepi Songwriter/Singer/Pharmacist

I had a chance to talk to an old friend of mine Kevin Tamirepi who is a respectable young man who stands on the integrity of his faith. Kevin is a songwriter, singer and a pharmacist who is currently based in Harare. He has made a dazzling entrance into the musical entrance as he has recently released his new single Bambelela. I (WD) reached out to Kevin (KT) a few weeks ago where he opened up about his career, love life and music. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

WD: For the sake of our readers, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

KT: My name is Kevin Tamirepi. I am male Christian artist, aged 27 whos based in Harare. I go to Kingdom People Church in Mount Pleasant. I am a singer, songwriter and I also lead worship sessions at church. I am also a pharmacist by profession and I am single lol.

WD: What first got you into music?

KT: I started off my music journey in 2010 at a church called Cornerstone in Gweru. I joined the youth church band as one of the lead singers and a guitarist with my friends who had interests in other musical instruments. That enabled us to become a complete worship band and we all started growing musically.

WD: How would you describe the music you typically make?

KT: I have always had a passion to serve in the body of Christ through music and that led me to be part of the music team at church. Song writing then came about as a hobby at first until i started sharing my pieces with people and getting positive feedback about them so when i got access to a good producer (Emmanuel Chiwanga) this year in 2020, I decided that its high time I record and share it. I just hoped and prayed that someone out there would relate to it.

WD: What inspired you to write and release your first single Bambelela?

KT: I actually wrote this song in 2012. I sang to myself at a time when i thought that i was not going see my dreams through in life because of my background constraints. But God came through and it became a song that i would refer to in tough seasons.

WD: What is your creative process like?

KT: I am mostly inspired by my personal experiences. If something really affects or moves my spirit i tend to express it in the form of melodies ( it can be words of prayer, praise or worship) which then turn into songs

WD: Why the name Bambelela and what does it mean?

KT: Bambelela means Hold on in IsiNdebele and i chose the title because it carries the message of the whole song. The song has an Afrofusion sound with Ndebele and English lyrics. Its a conversation between two people with one person sharing words of encouragement to another, giving them reassurance based on what the Lord has said in His word . Towards the end of the song the recipient then responds in agreement with the message, mentioning that they will surely hold onto the Lord.

WD: When you recorded the song, who did you have in mind and who did you wish to inspire?

KT: The song is targeted to anyone who relates with the message imbedded as well as the vibe or genre.

WD: What do you hope people can take away from your song, in terms of lessons and or ideas?

KT: I hope and pray that people may listen to the words of the song and be encouraged to hold on to the Lord through prayer, and not to give up in times of trouble according to Romans 12.12.

WD: What is your favourite song to perform?

KT: I enjoy performing This is our God by Hillsong.

WD: Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?

KT: I have performed mostly at church events, at a graduation party and at the Reps Theatre as part of musical ensemble. My favorite is Cornerstone Church in Gweru, where it all started.

WD: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

KT: I would like to collaborate with any of my friends some day for example Zie Khoza, Milcah Wazara, Nashe Chavs and Azahlight

WD: Which famous musicians do you admire or look up to?

KT: My music heroes include Hillsong, Mali Music, Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, Israel Houghton, KJ Scriven, Samm Henshaw, Evan and Eris Ford

WD: What keeps you motivated and makes want to continue doing what you do?

KT: Honestly I am inspired from both personal testimonies and other people’s testimonies as well. The positive feedback I get from people also keeps me going and I feel that I can inspire more and more people.

WD: How do you balance being a musician and being in the pharmaceutical industry?

KT: Music is something that i have been part of for a long time that i can always create time for it

WD: How do you feel social media has impacted the music industry?

KT: It has immensely increased the accessibility to all forms of music that one can think of.

WD: Do you have any other projects coming up?

KT: Yes i have a few singles that i would like to release before the year comes to an end

WD: What advice would you give to people who want to pursue a career in the music industry

KT: I would encourage them to stay true to themselves, share with the world what God has given them and strive to sharpen their craft.

WD: Any final message to our readers?

KT: Sure, some words of wisdom from the Bible, to engrave on the heart: “Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make.
凌致roverbs 3:5

WD: Where can people get hold of you online and also stream your music?

KT: My contact details are as follows;


On Instagram and Facebook I’m Kevin Tamirepi.

Stream/purchase on the following platforms:

WD: Follow the link below to subscribe to Kevin’s YouTube channel and don’t forget to like and share.


It was her first time to love,

It was her first time to feel love,

It was her first time to know love,

She knew he could see beneath her beautiful so she,

She stood there bare;

Not afraid to show her authentic self,

Not afraid to show every tiny quirk that makes her, her.

Her guts screaming with fear, for she knew nothing on how to please him.

Her eyes didn’t cheat her, her lips,

Her lips flirted with his,

His hands appreciated every part of her beauty, and in admiration he couldn’t stop staring.

Her body against his, he assured her she was doing the right thing with her;

Every move,

Every touch,

Every kiss.

He moved slowly not causing a scare, the rhythm of love went back and forth between them,

Welcoming her into womanhood, she embraced both the pain and pleasure that came with it.

Evasively she opened her eyes and a tear escapes her face as her body returns back to normal

I love you”, he whispered.

“I love you too”, she responded, smiling as she began to think about her first night of experienced passion.


I am in a place I call home, but I feel like an outsider;

In a place where I should feel safe but I’m surrounded by fear,

I’m afraid to speak up else I will become ‘history’, because certain topics are prohibited.

I am old enough to have my own life, far away from where I was brought up but,

I cannot afford to be by myself, like a tick I’m holding onto my parents’ income, for my survival too depends on it.

I am home but I feel like I am not because the people responsible for my grievances aren’t interested in hearing me.

The brave ones are taken away, the courageous ones are killed, our voices are not heard because;

Speaking about my problems is a crime,

Crying out the pain I’m feeling is a crime,

Voicing out my opinion is a crime.

I am in a place I call home, but I feel like an outsider because home is not home….


I was listening to Bishop Tudor Bismark’s teaching on ‘time’. He was saying that one should put a value on their minute because time lost is never recovered. He was giving examples of actors and actresses who get paid every minute because they valued their time in that specific area in their life (their jobs).

After meditating on the word, I got to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean one should only monetize their minute, but use their time wisely in doing something that will be ruled out as beneficial to them or the people around them.

Gerald Levert in his song ‘Casanova’ he says that, “Time is so much better spended”, I know a lot of people at this point ask, what can I do with my time? I honestly think the real use of time is using it wisely by:

Serving others (helping those in need).

Spending time with your loved ones (family and friends).

Being kind to yourself (treating yourself the right way; emotionally, physically and psychologically).

Being hopeful and positive that all that you want will happen.

In my opinion, I too think time is so much better spended BUT on things that helps us grow and things that benefit those around us.

Use your time wisely because once it passes you will never get it back and remember to leave no room for regrets.


Did you know that a lot of dolphins die because of entanglement in fishing nets?

Imagine this scenario, you are in a place where you really don’t want to be but you can’t escape, trapped;

Like the dolphins in fishing nets, you can’t escape, your body is there but your heart and mind aren’t, all shades of complicated.

You know you deserve better but the pleasure that comes with the package makes it hard to leave, so you stay.

You see the funny thing about this is, you know very well it will never be you, but you continue to ask anyways…

In all honesty you are in a unbalanced state, you are trying to push forward but they, they don’t want to move.

The only thing you will get out of it is pain, regrets and a torn heart. Looking at it all you will ever have is a whole package of sadness.

The more you fight it, the more you hurt yourself but, Tango on baby….